Three Montreal girls trying to weave their dubious path to adulthood, one mistake at a time.


CLARA just moved in with APRIL. LIZZIE just moved in with JOHN. APRIL's boyfriend JACOB is always around and it's annoying as fuck. IDA shows up uninvited and turns everything to shit. It's okay because CLARA almost died from the neck injury thing but she didn't so now she should appreciate #life. With MIKE. Who sucks. At everything. Then TED randomly re-enters CLARA's life, which is a good thing. Or is it, asks ANDREW. Definitely, says LIZZIE. But probably not. Welcome to twenty-something. There are no mistakes like the present.


The Finale: When Push Comes to Shove

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Things get a little crazy when LIZZIE confronts APRIL about what happened with BENJI, while CLARA attempts to mediate the situation. Trying to reconcile their mistakes with their current situations, the three girls begin the process of accepting where they are in their lives. #mistakesweremade #mwm #mwm2 #whenpushcomestoshove #thefinale

Episode 2.9: Ticking Time-Bomb

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CLARA turns to exercise to try to shake off the blues. APRIL finds herself increasingly worried about BENJI, who keeps texting her. In the face of her dwindling relationship with JOHN, LIZZIE decides to meet with Benji for coffee, secretly hoping for reconciliation. Unfortunately, there are other things at play… #mistakesweremade #mwm #mwm2 #tickingtimebomb #savage

Episode 2.8: Next Level

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Despite APRIL‘s pleas for rational thinking, a misunderstanding has CLARA acting the way Clara knows best…destroying everything in her path and silently wishing she was someone else. Once again, she finds herself taking advice from ANDREW, but this time it might be too late.  #MistakesWereMade #mwm #mwm2 #brutalAF #nextlevel

About #MWM

QUIXOTE PRODUCTIONS presents MISTAKES WERE MADE written/directed/produced by Shanna Roberts Salée director of photography Thierry Leblanc Production Manager Frederique Chalifoux-Bazinet 1st Assistant Director Benoît Marquette starring Shanna Roberts SaléeChristina Kelly, Emilie Carbonneau with Sebastien R. Teller, Hamza Haq, Jacob ReardonChristopher Palucci, Matt Langton, Alarey Alsip.

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