shannaClara’s WTF face and “I cannot” attitude also belong to the writer/director/producer of Mistakes Were Made, SHANNA ROBERTS SALÉE. After graduating from Communication Studies at Concordia University in 2009, Shanna has since been working as an Assistant Director in Film and TVmost recently on Emmy-nominated cop drama 19-2, and Quebec box-office success Bon Cop Bad Cop 2, the sequel.

On any given day, she can also be found creepily perched over her laptop, cataloging the extensive array of stories she’s managed to amass over her twenty nine years as a foetus, child, teen, woman.

You can purchase her first novel The Lying Juilliards right here.

thierryApart from being MWM’s trusted Director of Photography, THIERRY LEBLANC has a career in the film industry spanning twenty years as a camera operator and focus puller, most recently on Bravo’s 19-2 and Quebec feature Nitro: Rush as Martin Matte’s latest comedy Trip à Trois.

Thierry lives off island, which is strange, but he #worksworksworksworksworks like he is a true Montrealer.

Fred CBAs MWM’s badass Production Manager, FREDERIQUE CHALIFOUX-BAZINET is the youngest member of the crew, but she wheels and deals like she was in her late 40s.

She works as an Assistant Director in her spare time, which is pretty much 70 hours a week, on TV series, MoWs, features and this particular web series.

ben marquette

Our first Assistant Director, BEN MARQUETTE, is a refined man and a connoisseur of all things cinematic. He can admit when he is wrong (which thankfully is never) and leads the team with an iron fist.

He currently works as an Assistant Director on AETIOS’s cop drama District 31, but you will most likely find him cultivating a sexy nonchalance with a scotch in his hand somewhere in the Mile End.

katya epstein

Our trusted script supervisor, KATYA EPSTEIN, has a healthy appreciation for Hello Kitty merchandise and all on-screen clearances. She has been working all over Canada on indie projects such as King of Tears and Coded.

Katya firmly believes Clara will find her true path one day… or maybe not.

IMG_2859 copyApart from being our 1st Camera Assistant, CORY REYNOLDS is the maker of a few mistakes himself, but he keeps them quietly tucked away like a true gentleman.

He is yet another Communication Studies graduate who currently works as a Camera Assistant and Director of Photography on projects of various scopes in Film, TV, and Web Productions. Cory is on top of his shit 24/7, and would very much like you to know that.


Other Crew:



FRANCIS HAMELIN, 2nd Camera Assistant

ANDREW MAIN OSTER, 2nd Camera Assistant

AURÉLIEN MOUVEAU, 2nd Camera Assistant

YASMINE AMOR, Art Department

DELPHINE LECOURTOIS, Production Coordinator

ARIEL POUPART, Sound Recordist


JEAN CAMDEN, Sound Recordist


AUDREY BLAIS, Key Set Production Assistant

PERSEPHONE POGUE, Production Assistant

RACHEL DOYON, Production Assistant

CHRIS McMAHON, Visual Effects

JULIEN TURMEL, Music Composer

ROXANE DURAND, Assistant Music Composer