For SHANNA ROBERTS SALÉE, reprising her role as unrepentant wild card CLARA in Season Two wasn’t that much of a stretch. Apart from creating a web series based on the mistakes of her past and turning that pain into her gain (#inspirational), Shanna has spent an equal amount of time rueing the day where she decided she could do anything, and lovingly embracing it.

She occasionally fields requests from ex-lovers begging to “not become an episode”. She flips her hair and laughs. Everything is an episode.


The talented CHRISTINA KELLY stars as basic but not-so-basic APRIL, a girl with many principles that just happen to be at odds with her as a human.

After graduating from the Communication Studies program at Concordia, she focused on her passion for acting by joining Straeon Acting Studios. In 2014, she booked her first film role on Incendo’s First Response, and has since appeared on CBC’s new sports drama 21 Thunder and This LifeShe also worked as Amy Adams’ stand-in and photo double for Denis Villeneuve’s latest film Arrival. Christina always loves a good snapchat because unlike real life, your decisions only last between 5 to 10 seconds. She currently lives in Los Angeles and studies at the Warner Loughlin Studios.

3-lizzieThe versatile EMILIE CARBONNEAU stars as LIZZIE, the type-A straight arrow turned slightly off-kilter, with an unfortunate propensity for making bad decisions that seem like really, really good ones until they are not.

After graduating from the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montréal and working on various projects, Emilie has come to the conclusion that the holy grail of acting would be to portray a personal trainer à la Brad Pitt in Burn After Reading. In the meantime, you can see her on Quebec TV show Sur-vieCatastrophe, Dans ma tête and Le Cheval-Serpent. Otherwise, she’s busy navigating the treacherous waters of adulthood. So far, it’s been a semi-success.

4-mikeThe always hilarious SEBASTIEN R. TELLER returns as MIKE, otherwise known as horse guy or Jeff’s nephew, the amazingly awkward guy from Season One who kinda likes Clara but mostly likes making plans and not following through with them, until he decides he really does like her. Or maybe not.

Sebastien is a talented student of Straeon Studios who booked his first role in 2015 on Incendo’s Swept Under, and has since worked on a variety of projects, including X-Men: Apocalypse and CBC’s This Life.

6-johnAlways there to make Lizzie happy, HAMZA HAQ takes on the role of JOHN, her new official boyfriend, which begins as a bit of an affair in Season One. Lizzie leaves her fiancé Benji for him, a real man of the world with a career, money, status—everything she totally needs to be happy. Except, spoiler alert, he’s boring AF.

An alumni of Lonsdale Smith Studios, Hazma has starred alongside Dennis Quaid in Sony/Crackle’s The Art of More, in ABC’s high-octane FBI drama Quantico, CBC’s family drama This Life, and most recently Bon Cop Bad Cop 2, the sequel to Canada’s biggest box-office success, set for release in Spring 2017. Hamza splits his time between Montreal and Toronto for work, which is constantly.

8-jacobJACOB REARDON joins the cast of MWM as April’s poor hapless boyfriend JACOB, always stuck in the middle of some “girl drama” he inadvertently finds himself a part of. Jacob just wants to beer-pong with the boys and let it simmer, and he doesn’t get why April wants to spend so much TIME taking selfies. Although he does love a good fart.

Jacob has appeared on CBC’s 21 Thunder, ABC’s Quantico and was most recently cast as one of the bad boys of Bon Cop Bad Cop 2, starring alongside Hamza Haq. He resides in Montreal and lives life to the fullest, sort of.

7-andrewCHRIS PALUCCI is a daytime engineer guy, but a philosopher at mind, and an artist at heart.

He returns as ANDREW, the random morning after consequence of Clara’s one-night stand with some guy named Ted. He may seem like a deadbeat, but he spews a surprising amount of wisdom Clara knows she doesn’t want to hear. A fan favourite, Andrew comes back full force with more musings than anyone thought possible.

Chris continues to surprise everyone with his acting talent, and his partnership with Shanna has a long-standing history of her convincing him that he’s perfect for a role, and him going along with it and proving her right.

5-tedSpeaking of one-night stands, MATT LANGTON stars as TED, the disappearing act from Season One. Ted comes back to haunt Clara in the form of a guy who may or may not be falling for her, and who may or may not want more than one night. Trust her self-destructing instincts to take care of this man who follows his heart, like, never.

Matt Langton is a talented actor from Montreal who has worked on a scope of productions, notably ABC’s Quantico, TV series Blue Mountain State and Lance et Compte,  docu-dramas Stranger in My Home and Fatal Vows, and most recently reprising the famous role of Jay Gatsby in the Hudson Players’ Club theatre production of The Great Gatsby.

9-idaIntroducing Clara’s older sister, ALAREY ALSIP stars as the inexplicable IDA, a egomaniacal machine on a mission to give as little fucks as possible about everything and anything, particularly when it comes to people she “loves”.

A Montrealer at heart, Alarey has made her mark in the indie film world, most notably on features like Imaginaerum and The Good Sister and short film Punch. You can probably hear her laughter ringing from anywhere in the city, and by God you will.