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May 21: All About That Promotion


Hey y’all!

Today, we are officially halfway through the season! Already. It’s insane how time flies when you’re working 24/7 to put out a web series (slash having fun).

Last week was a pretty exciting one for us at MWM. I went live on Dr. Laurie’s radio show Passion on CJAD 800 to talk about the project and give my two cents worth about marriage/love/babies/singledom. Literally only two cents worth. But it was very fun, and you can catch the podcast here.

Also, we were invited to the Global Morning Show to chat about Season Two with Laura Casella. Moment to breathe, here, because LIVE TV  ain’t no joke. Apart from my trembling voice and statue-like immobility (#nerves) I think it went rather well. You can watch the interview above.

Hope you all have a fantastic long weekend + great week.

Peace, y’all!


April 23: Set your watch. It’s Premiere o’clock.


But before that… This Friday.

7pm. Bar Chez Serge. 


Dearest Friends + Foes,
You are cordially invited to partake in a night of folly and whimsy to celebrate the launch of critically acclaimed (we’ll see) web series Mistakes Were Made, this Friday April 21st, at 7pm, hosted by the eternally classy Bar Chez Serge.

In other words, join us for the Season Premiere screening, have a few drinks and many laughs. As you may know, last summer we used Chez Serge as the location for the setting of Clara’s demise, so it’s only fitting for us to come full circle. In celebrating that, we will give you a sneak peek of the scenes we shot there + we’ll be doing a 50/50 raffle to line your pockets and help us finance our festival entries, which is what we in show business like to call a win-win situation.

Come one, come all! Hang out with the amazing Cast + Crew, executive producers and great fans. We are most excited by the prospect of your illustrious company.


Your Most Distinguished Host
Shanna Roberts Salée

March 15: It’s all about that #Post

Now that 2017 is inevitably in session, and we’ve all messed up our New Year’s resolutions (more like, ‘reproblems’, amirite?!), we can go ahead and focus on the rest of our lives.

For us at MWM, that means post-production! We are deep in editing, sound mixing and colour correction. Keep your eyes peeled for the Season Two trailer, which will be dropping next week, and will be available to watch on the MWM YouTube channelwebsite, and social media.

You can also click HERE to check out the CAST/CREW bios for Season Two, and all the new characters we are introducing.

Our official release date and launch party are soon to follow, as we are still getting our ducks in a row, as evidenced below:

(Ducks Getting In A Row. Photo credit: moi)


In the meantime, you can feast your eyes on our new promotional posters, which you will shortly be getting a copy of as part of our PERKS.


(Emilie Carbonneau, Shanna Roberts Salée, Christina Kelly.   Photo credit: Kamala Houle)


(Clockwise from left; Chris Palucci, Hamza Haq, Emilie Carbonneau, Matt Langton, Shanna Roberts Salée, Sebastien Teller, Christina Kelly, Jacob DeLuca-Reardon, Alarey Alsip.   Photo credit: Kamala Houle)

And we are also proud to present the official logo for Quixote Productions, the production company behind MWM, designed by Lauren Mercer-Smail:


Where We At?

The cast of MWM have also been keeping quite busy this winter. Our own Hamza Haq, Lizzie’s infamous boyfriend JOHN, is currently shooting a new comedy series in South Africa and Canada titled The Indian Detective. I’m not totally impressed by it, but apparently he’s co-starring with some guy named Russell Peters? Who knows.

Emilie Carbonneau (LIZZIE) has also been booking roles all over the place, notably on Super Ecran’s Catastrophe, TVA’s Dans ma Tête, and AETIOS series Sur-Vie and Cheval-Serpent,  while Christina Kelly (APRIL) has spent the fall and winter studying in Los Angeles at the prestigious Warner Loughlin Studios.

As for myself, I admittedly spent some time kicking back in Bali and Australia (#goals), but I’ve also spent hours editing in the dark like the true social pariah I aspire to be. I have mastered zero languages, nor have I achieved a conscious meditative state BUT I have new material because the path to great wisdom is indeed lined with many blooming mistakes.

From us at MWM, have a great week! We look forward to presenting the trailer + more information as March unfolds.

Peace out, y’all.



August 21: And we’re back!


I know it’s been radio silence for a few months. After we finished shooting Block 1, we all went back to our respective jobs and prepared for what turned out to be a very busy summer in the film industry in Montreal.

I went on to work as an AD on BON COP BAD COP 2, as well as a new Sony series pilot titled ROADSIDE PICNIC, directed by Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones, Mad Men, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, Sex and The City, Thor: The Dark World, Terminator: Genisys…) which just wrapped this past week.

I also had a chance to reconnect with some of the MWM characters, JACOB (Jacob Reardon) and JOHN (Hamza Haq), as they were both cast in BON COP BAD COP 2 to play some shady-ass characters who do some shady-ass things.

Here they are, acting shady, with some of the cast and director Alain Desrochers:

(from left: Andreas Apergis, Colm Feore, Moe Jeudy L’Amour, Jacob Reardon, Alain Desrochers, Patrick Huard and Hamza Haq.)

And with me on-set, acting like cool AF grainy black and white gangstazz:

Because everyone has been so consumed by all the workworkworkworkwork, we had to push back production. Our crew has been busy shooting, among others, on Xavier Dolan and Darren Aronofsky’s new films. While I feel the passion for our little series, I can also understand the pull in other directions…

But this week, we finally managed to break the seal, as you can see below:

We have 4 days left, and we should officially be wrapped on MWM 2.0 by mid-September. To watch our progress unfold, follow us on Instagram
@mwmseries, or check out our Facebook page.

Mistakes will soon be coming at you hard, as well as the PERKS we are working to send your way.

Peace out, y’all.