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Based on the unfortunately relatable lives of three Montreal girls, MISTAKES WERE MADE plunges us into that very specific chapter of your twenties where you believe everything should be fine, as it always was before, but somehow between sexual politics, hidden social media agendas and that thing called a career which in no way resembles your current job, you find yourself stumbling from one mistake to the next, blindly grasping at straws, or wine or… whatever else you may find.

img_1185When LIZZIE moves in with her friend Clara, she is turning a new leaf. Having just left her too-sweet, too-perfect, too-goddamn-boring fiancé of seven years, she’s decided to lead a “liberated” life.

“I totally love him. But sometimes I hate him so much that I can’t even breathe. But that’s normal, right?”

It’s time for her to let loose, catch up on the lost years, and reconnect with herself as a woman. And maybe, like, there’s something with a guy from work named John who may or may not have a girlfriend of his own. Maybe.


CLARA is totally sympathetic to Lizzie’s plight, but like, not really. She’s been liberated forever and trust—it’s not that easy to pull off. Clara strikes the very delicate balance of giving zero fucks, caring too much and shutting down, and sleeping with guys to empirically demonstrate the theory that love is a trivial pursuit.

“My whole life is a mistake, currently.”

When Lizzie’s life starts resembling her own in an uncomfortably similar way, Clara will go on a mission to prove to everyone that at least she doesn’t need shit. She is too busy being aloof to realize that perhaps the only trivial pursuit is chasing emptiness… because sooner or later, it inevitably finds you.

img_1355Watching the girls act a fool and taking an unwelcome stand, APRIL certainly has opinions on everything, even though they might not always make sense. She doesn’t need to act crazy or lead a liberated life because she has a boyfriend and Instagram.

“I would kill myself if I was single, honestly.”

But she’s Clara’s best friend since childhood, so best in fact, that they routinely are the worst friends ever, so she feels entitled to voice her various outlooks on life. They tell each other the type of things you know are true and never want to hear.

Welcome to twenty-something, where your friends are your family and your shit don’t stink. Except it does.

8 comments on “About MWM

  1. Hi Girls!!

    Just saw your trailer and looks amazing!! I know you are in your debut of this webseries but I was wondering if ever you wanted to add some characters in there in the long runn… I would loooovee to take part in it :).

    Wishing you a great one and let me know if you need any more details from me.

    • Thank you!! We’re definitely looking to take the girls on new adventures in the future… we’ll keep you posted.

  2. Looks like a great show you should be marketing this a lot more can’t wait for tomorrow premiere. Best of luck

    • It’s definitely in our plans… We’re launching the first episode today. You can share it if you like it!

  3. This web series needs to go into syndication, it is fantastic!
    Hilarious, irreverent, flagrant, all around great entertainment.
    The acting is superb, the directing is stylishly engaging and cinematic, the first time I reviewed this web series as a submission I knew immediately it would be a contender in the indie film playoff. And it was.
    This captivating web series was a big winner in 2015 at LaLive winning in 5 categories at the woman up indie film festival at the big house los Angeles film festival 2015, the series was given an encore showing, and many episodes from the series were screened between the winning feature films on franchise night to viewers whom had participated in the voting process to choose the winning films of the entire 15 day film festival, the audiences that voted for the independent film playoff agreed unanimously that Mistakes Were Made was their favorite web series and even chose it over other short films to be a final round selection, and ultimately won the top prizes!
    Best webisode – Mistakes Were Made
    best director – shanna roberts salée
    best writer – shanna roberts salée
    best actress – shanna roberts salée
    best supporting actress – christina kelly.
    two kudos and a bravo zulu for a job well done…



  4. We can promote the second season too. Our social media marketing rep on facebook zach sellenberg promotes in many film forums there. And shane manages tumblr. Twitter. Instagram and pinterest. Send your press kit to shane at bighousela@gmail.com and links to new media. Looking forward to seeing more of MWM. And sharing it everywhere too.

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